"Sustainable body through Breath Work" 

About me

I am a wellness and health coach who offers holistic health solutions to individuals and groups who are stressed physically, mentally or emotionally and wish to restore their connection with the self. When you take control of your health, you can not only feel better but also achieve your goals faster. I’ve coached everyone from solopreneurs to corporate groups through yoga, reiki, breath work, and many other techniques, as per their requirements.  

I also teach prenatal and restorative yoga, so if you’re pregnant and wondering whether yoga could help, the answer is YES. By building your emotional, mental and physical strength, I serve my greater purpose. I am always willing to go the extra mile to support or help anyone who reaches out to me. Let me show you how. 

My expertise is dedicated to:  

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • High achievers.
  • Working mothers. 
  • Pregnant women (Prenatal and Restorative Yoga). 

In the hustle of life where everyone is addicted to technology and refrained from self-awareness, stress is evident, which further leads to depression, anxiety, physical and mental illness. Let’s work together in your transformational journey.  

Why should you work with me?

With my experience and academics backing me in what I do, I am authentic in my counseling, coaching, and healing practices. I understand HUMAN ANATOMY well and believe that there is NO ONE SIZE FIT ALL for anything in life! 

Kajal's Journey

Currently based in Singapore, I started my journey of being a mindfulness coach by acquiring the following qualifications that make me more authentic and legitimate while serving my clients: 

  • M.Sc in Science of living and Preksha Meditation & Yoga from JVBI Ladnun, Rajasthan, India 
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Yoga Therapy from SVYASA UNIVERSITY, Bangalore, India 
  • Certified Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher from Mindful Birth, Australia 
  • Certified Kids Yoga Teacher from Rainbow Kids Yoga, Australia 
  • Certified Clinical and Sports Nutritionist from School of Natural Sciences, London, UK 
  • YIC (Yoga Instructor Course) from SVYASA, Bangalore TTC (Teachers Training Course) from Vivekananda Kendra, Hyderabad, India 
  • Reiki Grand Master, Bangalore, India Vipassana Meditation, Bangalore, India 

After completing academics from top universities from India, where I specialized in Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki, I moved to Singapore and worked with one of the top Yoga studios. I offer up to the minute coaching, thanks to my habit of continuous learning! Since 2011, I have dedicated majority time in mentoring people who face emotional, physical, and mental setbacks. I have successfully served more than 1800 group sessions, above 200 private sessions, and virtual workshops globally. And let me acknowledge that it has been immense pleasure in interacting with diverse cultures and nationalities. Moreover, it's about the positive vibrations of energy that heal, and it is as effective as medical prescriptions. The only difference is, if executed under proper guidance, the results are more effective and evident. I believe that everyone has the ability and the right to take charge of their lives and unleash their full potential.  


83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress 

"Strong minds make better decisions"

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