5 reasons why entrepreneurs struggle to scale up their business

Posted on March 31, 2020

Scaling up a business requires an immense amount of leadership abilities. It could be buying new assets or acquire a new facility or hiring new staff. All the above decisions require a substantial amount of homework and an optimistic judgmental view. Here are the five struggles that every entrepreneur face while scaling the business:

Identifying the point of scalability:

First and foremost, market demand could be dynamic, and therefore predicting the accurate point of scalability is tricky. There is a time when every business has to widen the bandwidth to cater to the customers on the basis of estimated future demand. The challenge is to understand that the risen demand is short term or long term. Because if it is the short term that scaling up may not be a good idea in the long run. The decision making for this phase requires an enormous amount of research and careful analysis to avoid any understock or overstock situation.

Factors associated with scalability

Most of the time it is insightful to see that the scalability is influenced by other factors such as government policies and regulations, economic factors, and other social and political factors. Since the entrepreneur has to make a decision while taking care of all the above factors, reliable research and feedback are required from the concerned team. This means other than making the top-level decision; an appropriate team has to be elected who help in adherence to all the external factors as well as address all the requirements. Finding such a reliable and competent team could be a challenge. 

Micromanagement in the period of crises:

The unforeseen emergencies are part of the business lifecycle; however, all the effective management drains out in the period of crisis, just like what we are going through COVID-19 in 2020. Such a period requires making the right decision with the instant mindset to act quickly and intellectually. Every entrepreneur directly or indirectly has to face such a situation. Coming across these challenges in the dire situation is not risk-free, but at the same time, it is the best time to prove your leadership skills and the entrepreneur mindset. 

Convincing self  and everyone about scalability:

An organization is not a solo venture. Everyone whether external or internal parties who contribute to the growth of the organization has to be taken into account for any decision of scaling up a business. It is not possible to successfully implement any business decision and make things work unless you are self-convinced about the idea of scaling up. Further,  if you have a small team, scaling up might fail without discussing the idea with the team. Therefore, after taking into account the point of view of everyone who is partnering in your success and allowing them to be convinced about the idea of scaling up could be a challenge. Further, if we see this from another perspective, it is quite evident that such hurdles are the ways to make a plan viable and acceptable as per the industry standards.

Financial options for expansion: 

Businesses could either be self-funded or externally funded, but most of the time, the investors make their hard cash investment in a reliable business. To scale a business, even the self-funded business might require the support of an angel investor. The preeminent challenge a business person might face is gaining investor’s trust and making them believe in you as an entrepreneur. Find people in personal or professional networks; it could be a time taking process; however, in the end, it will be fruitful. There will be nine NOs out of 10, but that is worth it if you get even a single angel investor. Another challenge on the financial front is the way you represent your business proposal and future viability to the investor and share your promising vision with them. 

Scaling a business is the hardest part of building a business and it needs to be done with extreme thoughtfulness and careful monitoring. It is because, while scaling a business every element is impacted and all the areas are involved. So, it is very important to understand the technical, social, economic and financial impacts on scaling up a business. 

Guide your team with the precautionary measures to prevent covid-19

Posted on March 27, 2020

While Covid-19 is the talk of the town and it has impacted everyone globally, it's better to isolate and stay at home. According to a professor at the University of Arizona, fingers might pick up the microbe, which could lead to covid-19. Soft fabric can hold only 1% of the virus; however, steel can take up to 70% of the virus. Novel Coronavirus is new to everyone, even the scientist, so we must not take the risk of judging if it will stay on the surface or not.

But, once in a while, one has to move out to stock up the groceries and medication needs. As an entrepreneur, you must educate your team members about the hygiene and suggestions whenever they step out of their homes. For instance, in case you or any of your team members go to the pharmacy or for any other emergency reasons, here are the hygiene tips that must be considered and precautions that should be taken care of. Share these steps with them to make them aware of the best ways to prevent themselves from the adverse effects of covid-19:

Before you move out:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with the effective handwash, at least for 20 seconds, cleaning every part of it. 
  • Consider using a case for all the items you carry, such as phone, credit card, keys, and anything you hold in hand. 
  • Remember to sanitize even the case or carrier.
  • Sanitize your hands and wear gloves that are clean and unused and, if used, then well- disinfected.
  • Wear full sleeves, T-shirts and full pants. Moreover, cover your head. 
  • If you are going by car, make sure the car steering is sanitized. 

After you are back:
You cannot determine how you may be carrying the virus. Therefore, prepare yourself for not taking the items bought straight away into the home. 

  • Keep a rack or box at the entrance of your home. Anything you bought from the market should be left out for at least 24 hours to avoid any virus within the house except the perishable items.
  • Remove the gloves and wash your hands. Throw away the disposable gloves well- wrapped. If not disposable, keep it isolated and for disinfection. 
  • Clothes should be washed immediately. Once you are back it is recommended to wash your clothes with the warm water using detergent. 
  • Finally, it is recommended to follow the measures that are suggested by a high authority such as WHO rather than falling into the trap of social media baseless suggestions.  

Other than sharing these practical tactics do not just assume the insecurities of employees rather address the emotional concerns they are facing in this downtime. Sometimes, listening is enough to make someone feel about being recognized. Moreover, you can hold a virtual group and one to one meetings as you and your employees need to accept the brutal reality as well as stay motivated for the upcoming challenges.

The Irony of the coronavirus is that only you can protect yourself and others. It's all about taking 100% responsibility for yourself and society. No matter what it takes, we have to make sure that if we feel that we are infected, or anyone who is impacted has been in close contact with you, then you have to self-quarantine to watch your health. You must keep your team updated with these precautions after all sharing is caring, and every entrepreneur should inspire its team to healthy living. 

Optimistic approach for start-ups in covid-19

Posted on March 24, 2020

Everyone in the business world has fallen into the trappy talks about the corona and worried about the rise in economic uncertainty as an outcome. As predicted by the United Nation it will cost around 1 trillion during 2020. This slowdown will have an impact on almost every business, whether it’s small scale business or a billion turnover empire. Here are some lifesaver tips for the startups who are still wondering about the degree of impact on their business. But before you read this article, you must remind and assure yourself that this phase is temporary and will pass on. It might take longer, but there will be an end to the problem.

 Research to succeed:

Do you know a successful and long sustaining business has in-depth analysis involved in the background? An entrepreneur work in phases. They have various phases like the research phase, planning phase, implementation phase, and so on. Take this time of isolation as a research phase, which could be related to knowing your audience, undertaking online market research, talking to people in the same industry over the phone, understand your competition, etc..

Strengthen your online presence:

Almost 80% of businesses are digital, and there is no barrier to connecting and sharing information digitally provided the information is genuine and helpful. While social distancing is the key to avoid further spread, create more and more online content, and make it available to the world. Everyone is favoring work from home, and nothing has changed when it comes to online presence. Spend time in being creative and innovative in the brand building while you are under lockdown.  

Don’t get demotivated if funds are not available:

As there is a downturn, the angel investors may not invest at the level as we usually expect. People not investing doesn’t mean that there is some problem with your idea, but it’s all about the global impact of this pandemic problem. Find alternate ways to raise funds and be very cautious about spending. Although, irrespective of this situation, you must be very careful while maintaining the cash flow. However, you have to be over-attentive and conscious as you acquire any deal. 

Reflect within:

Before this crisis existed, there was a time when every entrepreneur reveals the reason for not performing well is short of time. But now, you have an abundance of time to review and reflect your strengths and weakness. Take time to do the SWOT analysis and make sure that you are taking into account every aspect of your personal and professional life. Apart from that, another crucial aspect is health. Owing to busy schedules, entrepreneurs usually complain about health issues because of the long hours of working. Here is the time to devote an hour or two to improve your health and maintain a work-life balance. 

Connect with your team:

This is the time when you can conduct the light and informal conversation with your teams across the network. Talk to them about what they think would be the impact and how they feel it should be tackled. There is no harm in asking for suggestions as it’s always a good idea to know what people have to say about business growth and development. After all, the team plays a prime role in the future of a business. 


Covid -19 will leave the world with many unanswered questions such as will there be a decrease in the number of customers in the business you are in, how will the payment cycle be impacted? Will this be a temporary blip or a long term recession and so on. Look at the trends in the past and find a workaround about this, but do not panic. Being an entrepreneur, the first lesson we all learn is taking risks and business survival with uncertainty. Be optimistic. Things will fall in place at the right time. 

Entrepreneurs guide to fight with Covid-19

Posted on March 20, 2020


No doubt, the economy has shaken by the effects of this pandemic disease. It looks quite similar to the SARS pandemic in 2002, and people might feel that this is the end of the world. But it's not the time to give up; rather, it's the period of transformation. With every darkest period comes a ray of new sunshine that brings better opportunities and ways to lead a happy life. Here are five things you can to prepare yourself for this affliction period:

Avoid travels:

There is nothing essential for you to then your health. Take advantage of the digital world. Afterall, digitalization is the future. Business meetings are secondary, and you are the pre-eminent element of the whole process of running a successful business. Scientists are already working hard to create antivirals and vaccines. However, as of now, we have to take 100% responsibility for self-care as well as the welfare of the neighbouring communities. 

Don't believe every rumour:

It's a good idea to be aware of what is going around and keep yourself well-versed with all the precautionary measures; however, many times we encounter exaggerated hype about what is going on in the market. We need to be patient in this crisis and tackle everything with maturity. Although it's human nature that once we hear anything negative, we tend to forget the ground reality and take action based on fallacious information. While this should not be the case as only the proven facts and trusted sources of information must be heard. We have to make sure that neither we panic nor let the people around us fall into the trap of incorrect information. Entrepreneurs are to enlighten people's life, so spread the genuine information that can be helpful for everyone. 

 Proper sleep:

Lack of adequate sleep leads to a lack of a protein called cytokines, which may further lead to an ineffective immune system and more prone to infections. Other than that, since Corona talks are in the air, it sometimes causes excessive stress and overthinking. For instance, even a little bit of cough and headache makes one worry that it might be corona but which may not be accurate. Proper sleep leads to physical and mental rejuvenation, which is the ultimate way to get rid of stress and anxiety. Further, as an entrepreneur, you are worried about the business losses you may face. Understand this, hardship is the part of every business, and this time it's a pandemic disease. This is not the end of the world, and you need to take proper rest to keep yourself calm.

Isolate and work

Work from home is encouraged, and everyone is aware of the importance of social distancing. It seems as if covid-19 will leave long term effects on the economy, and as an entrepreneur, it's your call to take steps to make it favourable for yourself and to the world. For instance, work from home for the employees reduces companies' cost of infrastructure. Try to see the greener side of the situation, if not all, something or the other could be favourable. 

 Proper diet:

As we are aware, it is recommended to strengthen the immune system as that is the only way to protect yourself from this life-endangering disease. A proper diet boosts your energy level and acts as a shield to this covid-19. It's all about intaking the food that creates goods bacteria and can help to fight the harmful bacteria within the digestive system. 

Practice yoga and mindfulness:

Finally, the gyms are locked down, and you cannot go in the public place, but one thing you can do while you isolate is yoga and mindfulness. Practicing meditation is an eyeopener. It revives you from within, and yoga is the best exercise in this distressing situation. You can know more about yoga practicing and mindfulness by having a quick conversation with an expert.


Isolate yourself, stay safe, and healthy!

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How to deal with covid-19 as an entrepreneur? 

Posted on March 17, 2020


Covid-19 is in the air, and everyone is scared of what would be the hellish impact on the world. In this globally emerging virus where everyone is running off at the mouth about the sceptical consequences of covid-19, do you know who can hold the faith for people to stay peaceful within and focus on the cure rather than panic? Well! The person who is a leader within will get up and stay upright to help people understand the phenomenon and keep everyone hopeful. As an entrepreneur, you are the one who can do this:  

Take the charge: In this current situation, where everyone is worried about the future and deals with the coronavirus, it’s time to show your leadership as an entrepreneur. It’s your responsibility as a leader to act optimistically. The point is leadership can be easily exhibited in the usual circumstances. Everyone is a leader in themselves; however, the true leader survives, retains the confidence and inspires others in the organization to stay calm and act positively. The fact is no fear can stop you from being an opportunist if you really see the positive side of everything. Therefore, talk to the people, connect virtually either on social media or your business network, to build their hope and take this phase as a temporary period of this wonderful life.  

Open the doors inwards: Start with yourself. If you are fearful and anxious about the present situation, think and let your mental system decide if you are really terrified or it’s the information from the world that is making you feel afraid. As you will see inwards and refresh your own thoughts and positive energies, it might not be so messy as it seems. If you are an entrepreneur and thousands of people are working under your supervision, then they look up to you as their leader. To stay strong and confident for your team, you have to engage in your internal mental cultivation and practically understand the situation. Tell people in your organization, to come out with the ideas to spread the message of wellness. Ask them for self-analysis and, rather than looking for the information outside, peep inside and find the solutions.  

Bless everyone around you: What we can do is spread love and care while being in the place where we are. Because the world needs more positive energy at this crucial time of crisis. Not only once who are facing this problem directly, even we because indirectly we all are victims if we take it that way. So, it’s time to be the leader rather than acting as a sufferer. It’s a market slowdown, but there is something to do for society. This time its to show unity globally by blessing everyone and showing our support to the team members, peers, and everyone around us.

Stay away from Ganser syndrome: When there are talks about a disease all around the world, people with low emotional immunity find themselves in Ganser syndrome in which they mimic the behavior of mental sickness, which is not true. Just because everyone is talking about covid-19, the person suffering from Ganser syndrome believe that they are prone to the problem and anytime they can face the illness. As an entrepreneur, if there are such people in your team or anywhere around you, then it’s your take to make people mentally strong enough not to fall into the trap.  

Hold onto your perspective: Your perspective can help others restore the energies of people who are losing hope. At this point, it’s the entrepreneur who needs to stay strong and hold the steering steadily. Your perspective is to let people not negotiate with this challenge as it is temporary, which will pass on. Instead, you must show your people the power of holding onto the faith that you have in regular days.  

To encapsulate, World health organization and all the nations are taking the measures and spreading awareness of what can stop preventing the coronavirus. Few basic hygienes can help to avoid this hazardous virus-like avoid public gatherings, avoid traveling, wear the mask, washing hands every hour and so on. If these hygienes are followed religiously, we can at least stop the spread and consciously build an ecosystem to avoid the overwhelmed and frightened reactions of people around the world.  


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Are you facing any of these health issues as an entrepreneurs?

Posted on March 13, 2020

No matter how magical and alluring the tag of entrepreneurship is portrayed and perceived, being one's own boss and making critical decisions is tenacious as well as a mentally draining process. With the growing competition and massively teemed up business environment, the entrepreneurs are exposed to a higher level of uncertainty and anxiety. Here are few most common mentally challenging issues entrepreneurs might face:  

Hypertension and heart diseases: Whenever you are tensed and strung out, your heart rate increases to an uncertain level, which might lead to various heart diseases. Although it might not be evident in the first instance because you are super active while setting up your business or running your company proficiently but it gradually mushrooms within you. Unfortunately, the time you realize about the disease, it is already at the borderline. Therefore, it is always recommended to have regular check-ups with the doctor to avoid any future complications.  

Migraine: It is defiantly not something you can afford to have because other than impacting your health and wellness, it has a drastic impact on your productivity and work. That means the business for which you are working hard will suffer because of your oversight and carefree behaviour towards your health. Many business people believe that a pill can cure the migraine, but they forget the fact that the relief is temporary. Consuming such medication, once in a while, is acceptable; nevertheless, a prolonged period of such migraine can result in other neurological issues that could be uncurable at times. Moreover, it will be a mentally and financially draining process to cure chronic problems.  

ADHD: It refers to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in which an entrepreneur loses their patience quite often. However, in some cases, it might have a positive effect; for instance, when there is an unforeseen situation and requires quick decisions, ADHD could prevent the entrepreneurs from freezing in a crisis and making a swift and appropriate decision. Whatever the case may be, ADHD can lead to hasty decisions sometimes without scrutinizing the facts and figures which are not apt for the future of the organization. In this case, meditation and some breathing techniques can be helpful to prevent you from ADHD.  

Hypomania: Hypomania is one of the stage of bipolar disorder. Entrepreneurs who usually are deprived of sound sleep or unable to spend time with their loved ones or addicted to drugs and alcohol could suffer from hypomania. In severe cases, it can last for weeks and later can take a form of depression. According to the American Psychiatric Association, hypomania is visible in the behaviour patterns such as irritable mood swings, sometimes extremely excited, which is not usual. Basically, it is an exceedingly emotional state, which is not a palatable way of leading a profitable company.  

Depression: The feeling of being overwhelmed is obvious when you have to deal with every single thing in your business. However, this feeling, when gets excessively visible and start whacking your business decisions, they get worse and simultaneously lead to depression. In that case, you start feeling extremely sad and disheartened for every petty issues or any decisions that goes against you. Social isolation is one of the reasons for depression because even if the entrepreneurs socialize, it is either for sales or to make some crucial decisions. Furthermore, if someone tells you to get the real job because the plan is not working as of now, it is quite a spine chilling state of mind.  

The fact is, unless you read about such symptoms and phenomenon holding on to you, you are least bothered about yourself. You go with the flow without taking into account the problems mentioned above, even if it is in subconscious mind. Now that you realize that similar symptoms are visible or even if there is probability, get an external help without getting disheartened. You can share it with anyone who understands you and your priorities, could be your friend, family member or a mentor . These are temporary phases that reside within an entrepreneur or any other person who is stressed. But, once recognized, must not be left untouched. It's better to give it a thought and talk to an expert to live a healthy life and steer your prosperous business in right direction.  

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How to stay happy as an entrepreneur

Posted on March 10, 2020

y as an entrepreneur by Kajal Khurana

Entrepreneurship involves discipline because you have to guard yourself against every physical, mental, and emotional challenge. Here are few ways that can help you stick to your goals while minimizing your stress and anxiety:  

Take a break: It is very crucial to not to exhaust oneself with the thought of earning every time because worrying about every petty issue could lead to short-term satisfaction of working full time but long term failure to operate a successful business.  

Stay social: Although with business commitments, it’s hard to stay socially connected. However, it is one of the key to relaxation and feeling good while you are entirely occupied with the day to day decision making and unavoidable meetings. It has been observed in the workplace that when you are socially connected, you feel more active and healthy. This is because social engagements reduce the level of stress. Other than that, such social gatherings could resolve some of the conflicts effortlessly, which could otherwise turn to be a considerable complication later.  

Prioritizing self: Hold onto the things that are important for you, maybe they are not directly related to the work that you do, but it could be your likes and interest. After all, it’s you and your interest based on which you decided to take up this path of the entrepreneur. Your unique qualities and strengths lead you to this path, and if you cease following your passion and interest, then the original inspiration terminates. Therefore, to fuel up your entrepreneurial dream, keep doing things you love.  

Healthy living: It is the most irrefutable need for humankind because your health can change the things going around, and it’s not only about your entrepreneurship but also the personal well-being. Businesses who spread well-being and health awareness among their employees could achieve a much better success rate with a low labour turnover ratio. Healthy living has three critical factors:  

• Proper diet: The concept of what you eat you become is very old and applies to everyone; however, an entrepreneur has to go the extra mile and take care of their diet in every aspect. It is always advisable to consult either an expert or keep track of the nutrition intake every day.  

• Regular exercise: Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean hit the gym. It can be Yoga, Zumba, or any other physical activity that can activate your blood cells to pump more blood to brains; moreover, as an entrepreneur, one-hour yoga sessions can do wonders because it involves mindfulness which relieves mental stress and helps you to keep calm in the crises situation.  

• Sound sleep: In this fast-paced life, most of the entrepreneurs might suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. It is something that might not be a big deal in the early stages, but in the long run, it can have permanent side effects. Most of the billionaires wake up around 5:30; however, they get to bed in time at night to make sure they stay agile and fleet-footed all day long. To an extent, it matters the number of hours you sleep, but what is more important is the hours of deep sleep.  

Connect with nature: Proven research says that exposure to natural light in the workspace boosts productivity. In fact, it is the best medicine for headaches, eyestrain, and other blurred vision symptoms. The primary reason behind the above fact is that Americans, on average, spend their 90% time indoors. And when it comes to entrepreneurs there major part of life is at work. Therefore, if it’s not possible to walk in nature, it is a good idea to expose the office to natural light. Further, planting indoor trees that release oxygen contributes to good health and a positive work environment.  

This is quite crucial to stay happy and joyful to sustain oneself in a stressful work environment, and that is only possible if you, as an entrepreneur, prioritize your task, keeping oneself as a priority.  

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Entrepreneur's guide to 2020 challenges

Posted on March 6, 2020

Entrepreneur's guide to 2020 challenges by Kajal Kurana

Irrespective of your location, the business ecosystem has to respond to the social, political as well as economic issues. Further, the situation might exuberated with new emerging global emergencies; for instance, nowadays, it's a coronavirus. It is needless to say that these issues are sudden and inexorable to an extent. Despite these challenges, the show must go on. Shift your focus to a circular economy: The prime motive of the circular economy is to minimize waste, optimize the use and finally, recycle and reuse. Unlike the linear economy that only focuses on shareholder's value, the circular economy is the innovated business model for conserving recourses and providing the best value to the society while consciously preserving the environment. As an entrepreneur understanding the fact that such a model is the need of the hour for the world as a whole. Furthermore, a model of the circular economy gives your business a competitive edge. Everyone on this planet is trying to minimize waste, and being an entrepreneur, you are responsible for conserving recourses and contributing sagaciously to society. Additionally, circular economy involves designing, incorporating digital technology, preserving and extending already made products, using waste as recourses, recycling, and collaborate with the others in the ecosystem to create optimum value. After all, business sustainability is the part of ethical code, and circular economy enables it to be practically possible. Developing cultural intelligence within the team: Cultural barriers, in terms of age group, nationality as well as professions, is one of the significant challenges. The idea is to develop such a system within the organization that cross-culture is looked upon as an opportunity to learn and work rather than as a threat that needs to be fixed or overcome. The various group of companies has observed that with the cultural intelligence, the teams become more innovative and adaptable to dynamism. Align yourself to the united nation's goals: To shape the business culture, your company should be aligned with the intent of contributing to society rather than focusing on illusive short-term success. This means you will be addressing one or more values as listed by the united nation, which consequently will result in business sustainability and growth. For instance, as a corporate social responsibility the company can think of supporting the causes like health, climate change, education, national emergencies and so on. If you work for a purpose, then everyone will connect with the company, whether it's an efficient employee, loyal customers, or trustworthy stakeholders. Recognize and reward the employees: Do you know what the most valued asset of an organization is? It's the employees! To create a productive workforce and optimum use of all recourses employee engagement is pre-eminent. It is because when employees feel engaged, they have a sense of being valued, which ultimately leads to putting their hearts in the organization's development. Therefore, other than tangible rewards like financial assistance, they need to be recognized and appreciated. Nothing is more devastating for employees, then the fact of not being recognized and awarded for the work done overnight. Give space to innovative ideas: Everyone has productive thoughts and purposes, and you never know which one can do wonders. Holding an idea contest every month and rewarding the best suggestion could add value to the organizational goals as well as boosts the employee's self-esteem. There are many other challenges, as the list is exhaustive. Still, whatsoever the challenge is, if a company takes into account the society, it's primary needs and take the suggestions with whosoever it is connected with, it will prosper. After all, it's people who make the whole ecosystem of business and who add value the ultimate value to the organization. 

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Pomodoro technique for entrepreneurs: Headway to overcome distractions

Posted on March 3, 2020

There are numerous ways of raising efficiency at work, and most of them focus on time management. Many entrepreneurs struggle with handling distractions, especially social media, news, and other tasks in-hand. Pomodoro technique which suggests taking short breaks to accomplish a huge responsibility. It is based on research that talks about the importance of discontinuing a task for a while i.e., taking a short break and then retaining your attention back to normal.  

The name “POMODORO” means tomato, which was derived by Francesco Cirillo, who emphasized the fact of 25 minute work period, which is termed as the Pomodoro period can refrain from getting distracted every now and then. After every 25 minutes, one can take a break of 5 minutes or so. Later, after four consequent Pomodoro, one can take a long break. This long break should involve some physical movement to embrace the mind and regain the power of concentration.  

For every Pomodoro period i.e., 25 minutes of focus, you can keep a record of your progress and mark it in a diary. There are many online google extensions to follow this technique, which rings the alarm as soon as 25 minutes are over. With the extension, you can even block some websites that distract you, such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Short breaks keep your attention span for longer as compared to continued long hours of working. Further, it can be said that it is helpful for physical well-being, especially it reduces strain on your eyes.

Moving on to the benefits of POMODORO technique, it has more relevance when it comes to: Setting priorities: When you deploy this technique, it means you are putting on a timer for 25 minutes of uninterrupted attention focusing on the single achievable cornerstone. This means you have already set the priority and effortlessly can avoid multitasking, which could be otherwise onerous for an entrepreneur. Since, this is only for a short span of time that your brain can retain undisturbed and undisputable awareness, and that’s why POMODORO plays a vital role in achieving this state of mind. Better decision making: The highly productive entrepreneurs are involved in decision making and most of the times they have to account for almost every aspect of business. Therefore, during the breaks, brain gets a breather to think over, and the picture becomes more apparent. For instance, for any task, a follow up is effective only if it is conducted after a short gap between the implementation and the following step. This means the brain that suffers from decision making fatigue for working for an hour and hour can be relieved by interspersed breaks all along. Inflates efficiency while substituting the thought of spending hours at work: When a long term assignment is allotted or while handling a vital business deal, the focal point becomes the time spent on a project, which later becomes a gloomy vision. Owing to this fact, the results are overcast with exaggerated costs and not so productive outcomes in the long run. Although, as an entrepreneur, your vision is to maximize profits and minimize costs. Think about this: what if the criteria of gauging the progress is linked to the outcome and effective focus, even if it is a tiny bit shorter period of time. Moreover, the results will obviously be more fruitful and profitable. Nevertheless, it is not a hard and fast rule to take a five-minute break and have a 25 minute focus period. It can be modified depending on the nature of the task to be performed. The pre-eminent feature of this technique is to ameliorate the focus on a specific task at a time so that the results are phenomenally outstanding. Afterall, as an entrepreneur long term goals should not be undervalued by the indefinite short term fringe benefits and this technique can help you to grow, sustain and proper your venture.  

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