How to stay happy as an entrepreneur

Posted on March 10, 2020

Entrepreneurship involves discipline because you have to guard yourself against every physical, mental, and emotional challenge. Here are few ways that can help you stick to your goals while minimizing your stress and anxiety:  

Take a break: It is very crucial to not to exhaust oneself with the thought of earning every time because worrying about every petty issue could lead to short-term satisfaction of working full time but long term failure to operate a successful business.  

Stay social: Although with business commitments, it’s hard to stay socially connected. However, it is one of the key to relaxation and feeling good while you are entirely occupied with the day to day decision making and unavoidable meetings. It has been observed in the workplace that when you are socially connected, you feel more active and healthy. This is because social engagements reduce the level of stress. Other than that, such social gatherings could resolve some of the conflicts effortlessly, which could otherwise turn to be a considerable complication later.  

Prioritizing self: Hold onto the things that are important for you, maybe they are not directly related to the work that you do, but it could be your likes and interest. After all, it’s you and your interest based on which you decided to take up this path of the entrepreneur. Your unique qualities and strengths lead you to this path, and if you cease following your passion and interest, then the original inspiration terminates. Therefore, to fuel up your entrepreneurial dream, keep doing things you love.  

Healthy living: It is the most irrefutable need for humankind because your health can change the things going around, and it’s not only about your entrepreneurship but also the personal well-being. Businesses who spread well-being and health awareness among their employees could achieve a much better success rate with a low labour turnover ratio. Healthy living has three critical factors: 

• Proper diet: The concept of what you eat you become is very old and applies to everyone; however, an entrepreneur has to go the extra mile and take care of their diet in every aspect. It is always advisable to consult either an expert or keep track of the nutrition intake every day.  

• Regular exercise: Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean hit the gym. It can be Yoga, Zumba, or any other physical activity that can activate your blood cells to pump more blood to brains; moreover, as an entrepreneur, one-hour yoga sessions can do wonders because it involves mindfulness which relieves mental stress and helps you to keep calm in the crises situation.  

• Sound sleep: In this fast-paced life, most of the entrepreneurs might suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. It is something that might not be a big deal in the early stages, but in the long run, it can have permanent side effects. Most of the billionaires wake up around 5:30; however, they get to bed in time at night to make sure they stay agile and fleet-footed all day long. To an extent, it matters the number of hours you sleep, but what is more important is the hours of deep sleep.  

Connect with nature: Proven research says that exposure to natural light in the workspace boosts productivity. In fact, it is the best medicine for headaches, eyestrain, and other blurred vision symptoms. The primary reason behind the above fact is that Americans, on average, spend their 90% time indoors. And when it comes to entrepreneurs there major part of life is at work. Therefore, if it’s not possible to walk in nature, it is a good idea to expose the office to natural light. Further, planting indoor trees that release oxygen contributes to good health and a positive work environment.  

This is quite crucial to stay happy and joyful to sustain oneself in a stressful work environment, and that is only possible if you, as an entrepreneur, prioritize your task, keeping oneself as a priority.  

Entrepreneur's guide to 2020 challenges

Posted on March 6, 2020

Irrespective of your location, the business ecosystem has to respond to the social, political as well as economic issues. Further, the situation might exuberated with new emerging global emergencies; for instance, nowadays, it's a coronavirus. It is needless to say that these issues are sudden and inexorable to an extent. Despite these challenges, the show must go on. Shift your focus to a circular economy: The prime motive of the circular economy is to minimize waste, optimize the use and finally, recycle and reuse. Unlike the linear economy that only focuses on shareholder's value, the circular economy is the innovated business model for conserving recourses and providing the best value to the society while consciously preserving the environment. As an entrepreneur understanding the fact that such a model is the need of the hour for the world as a whole. Furthermore, a model of the circular economy gives your business a competitive edge. Everyone on this planet is trying to minimize waste, and being an entrepreneur, you are responsible for conserving recourses and contributing sagaciously to society. Additionally, circular economy involves designing, incorporating digital technology, preserving and extending already made products, using waste as recourses, recycling, and collaborate with the others in the ecosystem to create optimum value. After all, business sustainability is the part of ethical code, and circular economy enables it to be practically possible. Developing cultural intelligence within the team: Cultural barriers, in terms of age group, nationality as well as professions, is one of the significant challenges. The idea is to develop such a system within the organization that cross-culture is looked upon as an opportunity to learn and work rather than as a threat that needs to be fixed or overcome. The various group of companies has observed that with the cultural intelligence, the teams become more innovative and adaptable to dynamism. Align yourself to the united nation's goals: To shape the business culture, your company should be aligned with the intent of contributing to society rather than focusing on illusive short-term success. This means you will be addressing one or more values as listed by the united nation, which consequently will result in business sustainability and growth. For instance, as a corporate social responsibility the company can think of supporting the causes like health, climate change, education, national emergencies and so on. If you work for a purpose, then everyone will connect with the company, whether it's an efficient employee, loyal customers, or trustworthy stakeholders. Recognize and reward the employees: Do you know what the most valued asset of an organization is? It's the employees! To create a productive workforce and optimum use of all recourses employee engagement is pre-eminent. It is because when employees feel engaged, they have a sense of being valued, which ultimately leads to putting their hearts in the organization's development. Therefore, other than tangible rewards like financial assistance, they need to be recognized and appreciated. Nothing is more devastating for employees, then the fact of not being recognized and awarded for the work done overnight. Give space to innovative ideas: Everyone has productive thoughts and purposes, and you never know which one can do wonders. Holding an idea contest every month and rewarding the best suggestion could add value to the organizational goals as well as boosts the employee's self-esteem. There are many other challenges, as the list is exhaustive. Still, whatsoever the challenge is, if a company takes into account the society, it's primary needs and take the suggestions with whosoever it is connected with, it will prosper. After all, it's people who make the whole ecosystem of business and who add value the ultimate value to the organization.  

Pomodoro technique for entrepreneurs: Headway to overcome distractions

Posted on March 3, 2020


There are numerous ways of raising efficiency at work, and most of them focus on time management. Many entrepreneurs struggle with handling distractions, especially social media, news, and other tasks in-hand. Pomodoro technique which suggests taking short breaks to accomplish a huge responsibility. It is based on research that talks about the importance of discontinuing a task for a while i.e., taking a short break and then retaining your attention back to normal.  

The name “POMODORO” means tomato, which was derived by Francesco Cirillo, who emphasized the fact of 25 minute work period, which is termed as the Pomodoro period can refrain from getting distracted every now and then. After every 25 minutes, one can take a break of 5 minutes or so. Later, after four consequent Pomodoro, one can take a long break. This long break should involve some physical movement to embrace the mind and regain the power of concentration.  

For every Pomodoro period i.e., 25 minutes of focus, you can keep a record of your progress and mark it in a diary. There are many online google extensions to follow this technique, which rings the alarm as soon as 25 minutes are over. With the extension, you can even block some websites that distract you, such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Short breaks keep your attention span for longer as compared to continued long hours of working. Further, it can be said that it is helpful for physical well-being, especially it reduces strain on your eyes.  

Moving on to the benefits of POMODORO technique, it has more relevance when it comes to:  

Setting priorities: When you deploy this technique, it means you are putting on a timer for 25 minutes of uninterrupted attention focusing on the single achievable cornerstone. This means you have already set the priority and effortlessly can avoid multitasking, which could be otherwise onerous for an entrepreneur. Since, this is only for a short span of time that your brain can retain undisturbed and undisputable awareness, and that’s why POMODORO plays a vital role in achieving this state of mind.  

Better decision making: The highly productive entrepreneurs are involved in decision making and most of the times they have to account for almost every aspect of business. Therefore, during the breaks, brain gets a breather to think over, and the picture becomes more apparent. For instance, for any task, a follow up is effective only if it is conducted after a short gap between the implementation and the following step. This means the brain that suffers from decision making fatigue for working for an hour and hour can be relieved by interspersed breaks all along.  

Inflates efficiency while substituting the thought of spending hours at work: When a long term assignment is allotted or while handling a vital business deal, the focal point becomes the time spent on a project, which later becomes a gloomy vision. Owing to this fact, the results are overcast with exaggerated costs and not so productive outcomes in the long run. Although, as an entrepreneur, your vision is to maximize profits and minimize costs. Think about this: what if the criteria of gauging the progress is linked to the outcome and effective focus, even if it is a tiny bit shorter period of time. Moreover, the results will obviously be more fruitful and profitable.  

Nevertheless, it is not a hard and fast rule to take a five-minute break and have a 25 minute focus period. It can be modified depending on the nature of the task to be performed. The pre-eminent feature of this technique is to ameliorate the focus on a specific task at a time so that the results are phenomenally outstanding. Afterall, as an entrepreneur long term goals should not be undervalued by the indefinite short term fringe benefits and this technique can help you to grow, sustain and proper your venture.  

How to keep calm in ball game of entrepreneurship

Posted on Feburary 28, 2020

Not meeting deadlines or diverting from the primary strategy, whatever the reason may be, as an entrepreneur, it brings you in the position of catch-22. You cannot deny the fact of how substantially it impacted the peace of your mind when your team missed that sales opportunity, or the million-dollar deal was rejected due to some silly mistake. Life of an entrepreneur is sometimes like carrying out a high-intensity workout in the gym. But, unlike the gym, it is not at all beneficial to be aggressive and increase your heart rate. So, here are a few tips to keep you calm: Manage your energies: We all have a different level of energy, and one who can manage energy will consequently manage time. Time management is pre-eminent, but what should not be avoided is energy management. Identify the energy blockages and the activities that refrain you from achieving the desired results. It could be emotional, personal, mental, or financial blockages. Take some time to write down your roadblocks and what could have achieved if these energy vampires were not there. Our brain calls for a reason to think in a certain pattern. Ergo, it's always advisable to write the blockages and the undue influence of such an energy drain on your daily regime. Your attitude should reflect gratitude: What you expect from others is the mere reflection of what you give them. Respect and recognition are the natural need of humankind, and everyone deserves the same. Be grateful to everyone in your organization for contributing to fulfilling your dreams. For instance, whenever there is a heated conversation with your employees or investors or anyone who is involved in your business cycle, it's you who should have the empathy to connect again. After all, all of them deserve to be appreciated for their dedication and flawless engagement towards your business goals. Although, you must recognize the borderline if things go beyond control; however, as an entrepreneur, you should have people management skills to keep yourself calm. Breathe in and breathe out: Everyone reads about how breathing techniques can help them achieve their goals faster and live a blissful life at work. In fact, people understand that how these breathing exercises impact in a specific manner and can resolve many stressful situations as flat as a pancake. It actually does! The veracious breathing ways sync your body and mind, which ultimately helps you in making the right decisions and handle any dilemma of personal and professional life. As explained in this video by Kajal Khurana, anything that happens is first created in our brain and then in reality. Therefore, to achieve desired results, you have first to signal your brain to feel stress-free, which is possible through breathing techniques. Consult an expert to know more about breathing techniques. Stress dispersion is a necessity: The situation is exacerbated if the stress becomes a snowball for prolonged period it's related side effects kick off to impact you business. Remember, every stance is temporary; it will not stay forever. Keeping this fact in mind, deal with the situation for the time being. Analyse the consequences of not disposing it on time from your system. Stress is a crucial part when you are on the path of thriving bigger goals; however, you must take the edge of excessive stress without holding on to it for a more extended period. You are an entrepreneur by choice, and achieving your business goals while this hustle is around is a bit challenging. Most of the time, it's the fight within that is exaggerated by the external factors. So, it's the initial step to stay clam within and see every crisis as a temporary state of affairs.  

How to be extraordinarily productive as an entrepreneur

Posted on Feburary 25, 2020


According to Steve Case, “ In the end, a vision without the ability to execute is probably a hallucination.”  

Entrepreneurs with their acumen are responsible and at the same time liable towards the internal as well as external stakeholders. Other than that, they have to fulfil their own goals keeping in account the commitments towards their family friends and acquaintance. According to USAToday, one-third of Americans are frightened to leave their jobs and start their venture for living. Consequently, fear is an inescapable factor every time the entrepreneurs take a risk, be it a product launch or a joint venture. Most of the insecurities are either with the product or services you offer. Another challenge could be dealing with the people you work with, such as investors or employees. Owing to this fact, here are the well-researched practical ways to overcome this fear and be ridiculously productive in the roller-coaster journey of entrepreneurship:  

Test before you launch the product: Product represents the face of the company, aka it’s the ultimate outcome that brings in your customer, resulting in revenue. So as an entrepreneur, unless you have watertight clarity about what your product is and how it is beneficial for your customers, it is not worth to launch the product. Further, you have to make sure it is well placed in the market and advertised as per the market needs.  

Get real-time feedback from customers: The product designed and developed to satisfy customer requirements. So, what if the customers are asked to try before they buy? This is the most peerless technique to get into the real-time market and ask for feedback. This technique helps in finding a bug or if there are any improvements required in the product or service. For instance, whenever Adobe launches new software, it first sends an Email to the existing customer for a free trial to deploy the software, and every time the application crashes, customers have a button to share the feedback and the areas of improvement. This is an excellent way to have minimal cost with maximal quality. In addition to this, it emphasizes free app promotion of the new product and an easy estimate of market demand in the future.  

MVP strategy for the sake of conversion: MVP refers to the minimal viable product, and the term was coined in the software industry, but now it is the buzz word for entrepreneurs. The irony of a business strategy is that the process of launching the product keeps on delaying because an entrepreneur tries to look for perfection in the first go and then launch, but that is not the right approach. We must think from the customer’s point of view and at the same time the business point of you. Therefore, if the product is ready, flawless, and it serves the purpose it was made for, then make it available to the customers. Nevertheless, feedback is always welcome, and revision is the next step. It will build the confidence of being in the market as well as generate the revenue which can be reinvested in product revaluation.  

Tell your investors about overall plans: Investors look for proof of viability together with how your product resonates with the customers. Therefore, your presentations in the meeting must prove the product lifecycle, the ability to execute the proposed plan, and your vision for the company’s future. Furthermore, reinvesting strategies must be highlighted to build confidence with angel investors. Most of your fear and anxiety will become extinct if you have the pitch desk ready every time you have quarterly or annual meetings.  

Value your employees: Employees partner with you in your success, and most of the time, they know much better about the process of production or serving the customer. So, as an entrepreneur, you must show faith and your extended support to the members of staff. They should have a feeling of belonging and respect. So that they can serve your organization with the whole heart and soul. Remember, if the employees of the company are productive, consequently your business will be prosperous and burgeon.  

In an nutshell, it’s all about the putting together everything in place to avoid any delusions or doomsday. As you always have to be on toes to face the complexity of changes and find the ways to convert a threat into opportunity.  

How to get rid of shiny object syndrome as an entrepreneur  

Posted on Feburary 21, 2020

shiny object syndrome

Shiny object syndrome is the technical term used to define the distraction in force. It's similar to jumping around on every new attractive prospect and never settling down with the core business idea. And as an entrepreneur, this is the nastiest habit because you are a powerhouse of ideas, and switching your mind consistently in order to implement new business ideas will leave you with distraction and dissatisfaction. Here is how to get rid of shiny object syndrome:  

Identify the difference between the useful and the unnecessary: The online world is filled with shiny objects. Whether you are on a webpage or watching a video, there are always the prompts to buy new courses, products, and services. The ads on social media of new tools introduced with the promise to inflate the revenue and claiming that they are unbeatable in the market are deceiving. It doesn't mean that they all are counterproductive or phoney, notwithstanding anyhow, they are unnecessary for your business. So, it should be indispensable to make a sagacious decision to invest in any of the offerings in the market.  

Remind yourself the main objective of being an entrepreneur: You decided to be the change, and for that, you framed a goal for yourself at the outset. For a business to survive in the long run, it is the uttermost factor to stick to the vision. Always remember your work is an extension of you, and every time you deviate from the main objective, you are getting yourself into a new messy situation. For instance, you have asked your team to follow a marketing strategy. However, suddenly, you get to know about your competitor's watertight strategy, which proved to be superlative in the market. For the sake of competition, you asked your team to learn about the new strategy and implement as required without calculating any cost-benefit analysis. This is what the concept of shiny object syndrome is. This might engender differences within teams, incur an additional cost, cause a delay in execution of the ongoing tasks, etc.. The solution is to stay focused and keep reminding yourself about your original idea of starting the business. Be mindful before you imply any changes in your strategies and invest in new ventures.  

You cannot do everything single-handed: One of the imperative reasons for shiny object syndrome is, as an entrepreneur, we wish to get to the root of every single activity. For the matter of this fact, we try to learn by buying courses online, such as coding for entrepreneurs, digital marketing for entrepreneurs, handling finances, and so on... This can help you to update your knowledge. However, it is impossible to scaleup your business with these activities. It is more like a tug of war when you try to do everything single-handed. Because the number of hours you spend learning new things could be devoted to scaling up your business and researching areas to expand your empire. It's like holding a glass of water in each hand will not let you pick up anything else, so your one hand needs to be free to have a meal served on the table. As an entrepreneur, you have the tool of delegation. Give away the task you are not perfect at and get it done by someone else perfectly. Infuse your recourses in customer satisfaction and not getting attracted to alluring, attractive advertisements of shiny objects.  

Wait, watch, and then get it: Technology transforms now and then. Multiple tools, platforms, services, and courses launch every single day. For instance, if we talk about iPad apps or google extensions, various of them launch, and only a few of them pull through due to numerous reasons. There have always been security and usability issues with the new apps unless tested and deployed by developers. Hence, it is always recommended to be wise enough to wait and watch reviews. Moreover, before you invest in anything new, think if that is immensely important for your business.  

There is always cost involved: There is always an inconspicuous cost involved not only financially but also mentally. As a matter of fact, when you buy something online and you pay for it, your mind reminds you subconsciously you have something new to focus on. Secondly, the cost of switching as well as learning the new tool to the course or understanding the features involves financial costs as well as time deployment. As an entrepreneur, it's not only you, but your team will have to learn new tools, which is again your responsibility.  

It is needless to say that the distractions caused by shiny objects lead to inflated direct cost as well as exaggerated opportunity cost, which is visible in the long run. So it's better to avoid any such distraction and focus on customer satisfaction as a business goal. Its never too late to learn and implement new business plans, provided you are not trying to focus on all at a time. In short, shiny object syndrome is precisely the opposite of what you should do as an entrepreneur, i.e., you lose focus from your initial vision and goals. So, it should be your conscious effort to focus on your core mission and customer satisfaction despite of these distractions.

Entrepreneurial hygiene’s for accelerating sales

Posted on Feburary 18, 2020

Sales acceleration and profit maximization is the ultimate goal of any organization. Whether you are investing in human capital or assets, the whole and sole purpose of all the business activities are generating revenue and maintaining the same in the long run to explore further market opportunities. But to do so, some basic hygiene will help you to focus on prospects without compromising on current holdings.  

Optimizing the current sales: There will always be a market for new opportunities; however, first, it is imperative to satisfy and hold the existing customer. Once the current market is stabilized, then you can get more onto new prospects. This is because, at the very outset of your business venture, you have already invested your recourses in achieving the level where you are. The market is too competitive, and you cannot afford to lose your promising and loyal customers. Another reason why you should first focus on the current market is that: one unsatisfied customer can result in four knocked off deals. Owing to the fact that everyone in the market has their connections, and before dealing with you, they will carry out their research. If you already have dissatisfied customers in the market, there are fair chances of losing a deal before your approach the prospects. So it's all about first optimizing the current market and then moving onto the future opportunities.  

Comparing outputs and inputs: Output means sales, net profit, and new accounts, while inputs refer to the calls to leads for conversion, time and cost involved in calls, hiring cost, training cost, and much more. It might differ from business to business. You have to keep a check on the inputs and outputs that have been recently appended to the portfolio so that they are not being disregarded at any cost. In order to do so, it's a necessity to calculate the ratios of inputs and outputs. Although, be aware of the fact that just looking at the number of sales calls per day without combining with the number of conversions will not give you the right metrics. So, it's commendable to be cautious about the comparison factors. Create the ratios of the outputs divided by inputs.  

Spreading Awareness of your product and services: Discover the leads and approach the potential market as you may have prospective customers who are willing to buy or maybe they need the product. Nonetheless, they don't buy them because they are not being introduced or are in a dilemma to decide if to buy your product or not. It's worth mentioning that they don't know much about your product. The fact is when you explore the market where you have never sold, and your product might have sales opportunities. It's just that people don't know about your product, it's unique features, or it's worth to them. People are reluctant to invest in a new category of products or businesses, even if they may find it helpful. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to tell them how badly they might need it. You have to overcome the uncertainty of the customer by providing them detailed information, telling them the USB of your product or service, giving them proofs by sharing data from experts, and finally sharing testimonials.  

Keeping it simple for customers: Every entrepreneur struggles with time recourses. So even if they buy your product, service, or course, it could be a predicament for them to understand how to use it. As an entrepreneur, it's your responsibility to make them familiar; don't leave them waiting in the wings. By serving them, post-sales will not only add credibility to your business but also make it easy for you to renew the plan or subscription at the end of the contract term. Furthermore, when your loyal customer recommends you to their connections, that is the best organic effortless sale for the organization.  

Identifying sales opportunities within: First, the sales growth could be expected from existing loyal customers. How can you increase sales with your current customers? If you have a valid reason to do so, you can either increase the price or increase the quantity or increase both by deploying economies of scale in your production. Another way to increase sales is: prompt your customers to attribute to inflate the purchase frequency. This will increase revenue and ultimately result in inflated profits.  

Quality is a service or a product is not what you put into it, it is what the customer gets out of it. – Peter Drucker  

Four essentials to ensure your success as an entrepreneur

Posted on Feburary 14, 2020

Entrepreneurship is the non-traditional path that everyone cannot think of. It is about giving up on your financial security, mental peace, personal space, and vulnerability to career risk. Your thoughts might not be in alignment with the people who follow a typical routine of going for a job, getting weekends off, etc. Being an entrepreneur, you are a pioneer. You have dreams to achieve and, at the same time, sleepless nights. Therefore, here are four things you should be aware of in the journey of entrepreneurship:  

Goal setting with a mission to contribute: Goal setting is so crucial that you cannot defy to create one for your business. Every entrepreneur sets goals, but only a few of them get to effectuate their targets. Why? Because goal setting is facile, however, setting goals with the vision of contributing to the society, or your family, or a community is contemplative. Your vision could be small or more prominent; the only concern is that it should be so precise and focused, which inspires you every day to work harder, despite all the odds. Ergo, if your goals are not specific, they will not exhibit details of how the success will look like.  

Work-life harmony: We all know about work-life balance, but at the same time, the work-life balance can be achieved if there is work-life harmony. So, if you recognize what you are great at and focus on those capabilities while inculcating your qualities in your business, then you are actually attaining work-life balance. This means if your goals are backed-up with your strengths and qualities in you; then, you can effortlessly achieve the path of success. Entrepreneurship is an opportunity to showcase your unique style of working and doing something exceptionally well. Hence, stick to the path of wisdom while commencing your business ventures in sync with your strengths.  

Converting mistakes into an opportunity to learn: Mistakes are an intrinsic part of the entrepreneurial journey, and there is no end to it. However, repetition could be harmful. As an entrepreneur, you should be flexible enough to accept the mistake and fuel up yourself to convert them into opportunities for the future. However, the most crucial part of this happening is that, when you make a mistake, and unfortunately, lose a deal, you get disheartened. Instead, this should not be the case, work out on the error and move on. There are endless opportunities for those who want to learn and grow. As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to hold onto the failures and keep niggling about the consequences of such failures.  

Be accountable for everything you do: When you take 100% responsibility for everything, your mind carries the authority of being more alert and active about everything happening in the surrounding. Affirm these words to yourself, “Everything is my responsibility, and I take charge of my life.” To illustrate, consider this example, if people in your company want to work with you or they are leaving your company because of any reason, take it as entirely your responsibility and not your fault. The wiser will rectify, and silly will defy to accept the mistake. Have you encountered any situation where things go out of control, and you unintentionally fall into the trap of blame game? This is human nature, but the moment you realize that it’s time to take charge of anything that happens, you can change the game.  

Boarding the ship of entrepreneurship is like getting your work cut out for you. All the above points will contribute to a scalable and profitable business. You have to be innovative and smart enough to identify your goals, attain work-life harmony, convert mistakes into opportunity, and finally take 100% responsibility for your actions.  

Biggest distractions you face as a entrepreneurs 

Posted on Feburary 11, 2020 

Entrepreneurship is the process of ideation, planning, implementation, and keeping the course alive and growing forever, in spite of risks and distractions on the way. So, no wonder if an emergency meeting falls across the way, or new launch delayed. All this is as plain as a pikestaff. But, sometimes your planning might fail or gets diverted because of avoidable and unnecessary distractions which could be: Leveraging your thoughts on what others believe: Being an entrepreneur means exposure to many people trying to suggest to you about their self-limiting beliefs. No doubt, it’s good to take feedback provided; it is coming from the right people. Your creativity gets compromised when you listen or participate in such distractive conversations. Understanding the fact that everyone has their unique journey and experiences can help many entrepreneurs cope up with these distractions. Obsession about the future: When it comes to worrying about the future, be more actionable then being an over-thinker. Because we worry as something is not right but just worrying about weary wishes is not the solution. So, take action to change the reality if you think that’s required. Dig deep to get the thinks on the right track in the present rather than niggling about the future happenings. Shining object syndrome: It is the technical term for the disease of distraction, which affects everyone who gets distracted with the new interests. It could be a new tool for marketing or technology or anything we try to do single-handed. Although, it's not wrong to learn new things; however, this keeps you distracted most of the time from your core vision. Being an entrepreneur, you always want to be updated; still, it's the cut-throat competition out there in the market, so you cannot afford to be distracted from your goals and vision. Hence, it's better to identify at the initial stage to avoid any collisions of your short-term and long-term goals Being a nomophobia: Nomophobia refers to “No mobile phobia” is the term coined for people who feel anxiety, perspiration, fear, and in worst conditions, depression while staying away from their cell phones. If this resonates with you, then this could be extremely challenging to focus on your goals as an entrepreneur. The social media apps and other instantly used apps have unnecessary notification every hour. Here is a detailed study on how nomophobia worsens the conditions of mankind. Lack of strategy: It is challenging to decide on the upcoming priorities since all of the tasks look quite significant. The problem is, this leads you to work 24X7 without any break. As an entrepreneur, if you fail to plan a day or stick to the calendar, you are apparently planning to fail in your business. By the same token, entrepreneurs forget to do the cost-benefit analysis of the activity. For instance, calling a potential client is more important than following up with the marketing intern about the analytics report. Further, the time taken to converse with the future client could be extended. While it is not feasible to spend three hours with the HR team when the meeting was blocked for an hour or so. There could be other reasons that are limiting your capabilities to the path of your journey of success. Identifying the distractions and being mindful has a far-reaching impact on your mindset. But the question is how to be mindful? It is always advisable to take expert advice when you are unable to identify the shackles. A mentor can tell you how, instead of foreboding, how these distractions can be handled and well-addressed.  

Practical ways to stimulate positive thinking Posted on Feburary 7, 2020

Positive thinking

Be grateful for what you have: In the shadow of negativity and pain, we almost neglect good things happening in the surroundings. Our focus is on what we don’t have. Shift your focus by allowing yourself a few moments of silence and peace. Calm down and list down three things you should be grateful for. Think about your unique possessions. It is not necessarily any worldly thing, instead, it could be a skillset or your well-being. Affirmations are the key: There is a direct connection between all the five senses in our body. So, when you say something aloud, your mind perceives it. And if you do that recurrently, your mind holds that thought subconsciously. Therefore, start and end your day with a positive affirmation. It will not only add value to your life but also help you become a great leader. Write down your thoughts: When you journal, you cleanse your internal, and positivity becomes eternal. Create a secret journal and write down how you feel about an event or an incident. Make sure no one else reads it. Every moment should be put down on paper and, the importance of writing is realized in the long-term. On the one hand, it allows you to stick to your future goals; on the other hand, it helps you remember your life experiences and learnings. Moreover, there is one more benefit of creating a journal, which is to let go and forgive your unpleasant past occurrence and confront reality. Count on your good deeds: According to, studies show that helping others is beneficial for our well-being. When you are dealing with your problems, and you feel helpless, try to shift your focus on helping others in need. This is one of the most effective magical ways of diverting your negative feeling into positive. Become a giver and do something for the others who are in need without expectations. The joy of giving is the best way to find the reason for living. Stop being judgmental about yourself: When we infer our actions even before achieving the actual outcome, our thoughts get gloomy. Hence, for any task initiation or assignment, do not form an opinion at the beginning. Instead, stay neutral and observe the real-time steps that are carried out to accomplish a task. Hence, whenever your mind gets into the judgmental mode, stop there and remind yourself that you are here to observe not to conclude. For instance, while taking up a project, you find a client not very friendly and form an opinion in your mind that whatsoever you do, the client will not be satisfied. It will limit your capabilities to perform 100% on the project as well as transmits wrong signals to your brain of whatever is done; it will be unsuccessful. So, to stay positive and give your 100% performance, stop being judgemental, and let the things flow as they are. Stay positive! Focus on immediate actions: We usually get into the trauma of negative thinking either when we focus on the past where we experienced any fear or hold grudges, or we are worried about our future, i.e., what will happen in certain unexpected conditions? We lose our senses in thinking about the fear that we forget about our existing assets and the power of taking action in the present. So, rather than getting into self-dialogue wiring from your past events, rewire your focus on the present opportunities. Positive thinking is about focusing on what you own and the action you can take in the present to stay happy. Remember that the worst day of your life had 24 hours, and the best day is and will also be 24 hours long. So, tag your days in such a way that when you look back at your life events five years down the line, you see more action-oriented and positive days.  

How positive thinking can transform your life?

Posted on Feburary 4, 2020

Positive thinking

There is a saying, "Your inner world is the reflection of your outer world.” If you think you are in abundance, then you are in abundance and vice versa. In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed how a negative inner dialogue can adversely impact your day. In this blog, we will talk about positive self-talk, which is only possible if you have a positive mindset:  

Pessimist to optimist: Positive thinking is like a passage, where we see the greener side of the field. It is the transition of thoughts from "I don't have" to "I have." In short, it's the way where you can turn from being a pessimist to an optimist. Pessimist struggles with the negative inner dialogue, which is toxic and unfavourable. Nevertheless, positive thinking metamorphoses the overall thoughts to optimistic thinking. Reverting the limiting thoughts to endless opportunities: In our childhood, we are being told about the limiting factors and set boundaries for most of the things we do. It is actually either the perception of the person who taught us or the thoughts that society holds as per their experiences in life. Everyone is unique; hence, everyone has the right to explore their potential. Nonetheless, we are not doing so because our brain is trained to stay in limits. Positive thinking breaks the barriers that circumscribe. For better understanding, you can read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, which illustrates well that how rich is richer and poor is poorer. Bolster to anger management: Anger is the fundamental nature of humankind. Sometimes, it is good to be angry; however, that should not result in regrets and grudges against anyone. Being a positive thinker, one can curb the anger and its aftermath, moreover, they understand that if the rage retains for the extended time, it will ultimately lead to emotions of hate, regret, annoyance, fear, and frustration. Ergo, positive thinking can help you with anger management. Helps you broadening the skillsets: When you have a positive mindset, you are open to the extreme horizons of the possibilities. Your mind welcomes new skills and acquires knowledge in various subjects effortlessly. Whether its skills in personal or professional life, you start to revive and accept. When you are eager to learn, it automatically reduces the feeling of self-doubt and adds to your life skills.  

Adds to the intellectual power: According to Stanford researchers, positive thinking impacts the ability of the brain to solve any problems. As it was research on the group of students, it has been acclaimed that the brain area linked with memory and learning works more efficiently for the students retaining a positive attitude. Buffer against unpleasant situation: We face ups and downs in life. Positive thinking can help you cope up with the displeasing situations at the micro as well as macro level. For instance, if there is any natural calamity or spreading out diseases, positive thinking can drive you to look for how you can contribute to society rather than focusing on what is going around. If you start thinking positive by focusing on the resolution, you can add value to the nation by making other's hopeful and upbeat their thoughts. Promotes healthy living: Studies prove that there is a direct impact of positive inner dialogue on our physical health. According to the research, people with a positive attitude have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. The similar studies at the University of Colorado suggest that positive thinking promotes the immune system and hence, the body more resistant to infections and tumors. Positive thinking helps us decipher the root cause of unpleasant thoughts and works on resolving the problem rather than focusing on the current dissatisfaction. To enhance positive emotions, start your day with positive self-talk. Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. -Helen Keller

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